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Group Membership

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Group Membership

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The group’s members work on a broad spectrum of human rights and rights related issues in the UK and internationally.


Our membership is drawn from around the world, and includes PhD students, early career scholars and established academics, as well as researchers working within campaigning organisations. This diversity reflects the international scope of the subject and the interest in the study of sociological perspectives on rights.


We currently have over 160 members. Due to data protection requirements however we are only able to list members who have provided permission for their details to be published here.  Consequently this page stands as "WORK IN PROGRESS".  Indeed, it is hoped that as the wiki-webite develops in content, this page will provide a vital place for group members (and wider researchers and scholars) to network for future collaborative research and activities.

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Selected List of Members

(due to data protection requirements)

[Members wishing to add their details should email: sociologyofrights@yahoo.com]



(with embedded web link

to external research page)



(Selected key terms))

Dr. Patricia Hynes


University of Bedfordshire   forced migration in all its forms, particularly in relation to refugees, asylum seekers and children affected by trafficking. 

Dr. Michele Lamb


Roehampton University

post-conflict reconciliation and human rights, civil society and non-governmental organizations, the sociology of human rights and human rights research methods 

Dr. Hannah Miller


Kingston University  human rights activism and solidarity campaign practices, craftivism, rights-based and rights-framed approaches to development, transitional justice, the politics of representation and various forms of resistance.  
Dr. Damien Short Institute of Commonwealth Studies and Human Rights Consortium, University of London indigenous rights and reconciliation projects, genocide studies, the ecological crisis, sociological approaches to human rights, and critically engaged activist research 
Dave Tinham Kingston University

Video activism; alternative media; alterglobalization; environmental justice; sustainable futures

Dr. Matthew Waites


University of Glasgow  Sociology of human rights, global queer politics, sexual politics, LGBT politics, sexual orientation and gender identity in the Commonwealth of Nations 
Dr. Priscilla Claeys  Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), and Senior Advisor to the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food 

transnational agrarian social movements, human rights, food & agriculture, and economic globalization. 

Prof. Martin Shaw

Roehampton University, Institute Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals (IBEI) and University of Sussex  

war, genocide, ethnic cleansing, civilians, globalisation, risk-transfer war, international relations 

Cavidan Soykan

Essex University 

Irregular and Forced Migration, Refugee Studies, Citizenship, Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism 

Lucy Series 

University of Exeter 

legal capacity, mental health, deprivation of liberty, social care, family, open justice, Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Foucault, domination 

Sara García Cuesta 

La Laguna University 

Human Rights Approach in Sociology, Trafficking in Women (for sexual exploitation), Trafficking in human beings, Gender Violence

Marja Hirvi  University of Helsinki  privatisation and public-private partnerships in urban water supply, globalisation and global-local linkages, translating neoliberalism, water as social citizenship rights
Mohammad Afshary   University of Kent  Socio-legal studies, Anarchist and Post-Anarchist Studies, Post-revolutionary Society, Rule of Law & Democracy Promotion, Post-'Arab Spring' developments, Utopian Studies, and Critical Legal Theory 
Bob Cannon  University of East London 

critical theory, Marxism, capitalism, ethics, human rights, the Holocaust, modernity, postmodernity, countermodernity


Gabriel Newfield

University of Hertfordshire   
Prakash Gnyawali     rights, sociology, law, monitoring, evaluation, knowledge and learning 
Jessica Luong     indigenous peoples and human rights 
Ayça Çubukçu

London School of Economics and Political Science


Alice Nah  University of York 

human rights defenders at risk, migration and asylum in Asia, organisational effectiveness in civil society 

Sara García Cuesta  La Laguna University (ULL), Canary Islands, Spain 

human rights approach in sociology, trafficking in women (for sexual exploitation), trafficking in human beings, gender Violence

Priscilla Claeys Catholic University of Louvain 

transnational agrarian social movements, human rights, food and agriculture, and economic globalization 

Nicos Trimikliniotis  University of Nicosia  

conflict, reconciliation, state theory, class, movements, integration, citizenship, education, migration, racism, free movement, constitutional/administrative law, discrimination, labour Law

Dr Javier Trevino-Rangel   Colectivo de Analisis de la Seguridad con Democracia (CASEDE), México 

Transitional Justice, Suffering and human rights violations in Mexico's war on drugs

Camilo Tamayo Gomez The Centre for Research in the Social Sciences - CRISS, University of Huddersfield (UK) Armed Conflict and Human Rights; Citizenship and Identity; Communicative Citizenship; Communication and Rights; Democracy and construction of new levels/experiences of citizenship 
Louis Edgar Esparza  California State University at Los Angeles  contentious politics; human rights; Latin America; grassroots social movements; theory. 
Katya Brooks  IARS, Insitute of Commonwealth Studies  Human and Aboriginal rights; education; social and environmental impact of colonialism, intercultural contact and development; Aboriginal cultures; ethnographic, participatory and critical activist sociological and anthropological approaches 

Kate Kipling

School of Geography, University of Leeds   
Sumi Dhanarajan Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore  socio-legal understandings and approaches towards human rights in the national context, business and human rights, human rights in Southeast Asia  

Dr Sonya Fernandez

Coventry University London Campus  race, gender, postcolonial legal and feminist theory 
Sara Bailey 

Department of Sociology, University of Essex 

implementation of socio-economic rights in India  
Dr Sally Lindsay Bloorview Research Institute & University of Toronto  disability and inclusion, human rights 
Dominik Pfeiffer 

Center for Conflict Studies (CCS) Philipps-University of Marburg

Globalization, Transitional Justice, International Law, Human Rights, Genocide, Norm Development, Institutionalization, Critical Theory, Social Movements 

Sharifah Sekalala


School of Law, University of Warwick, Coventry 

human rights, global health inequalities, institutionalism, human rights monitoring, social movements, soft law

Ilse Griek

Tilburg Law School, Tilburg University   legal pluralism, anthropology of law, refugee studies, localizing rights, non state dispute resolution mechanisms 

Shovita Adhikari


PhD Candidate

Department of Sociology

University of Essex


Child Trafficking, Child Protection, Sociology of Childhood, Children Rights and Gender Based Violence

Marija Kovandzic 

Institute of Psychology Health and Society, University of Liverpool

health inequalities, access to care, medical pluralism, mental health, ethnicity & citizenship, human rights and regulation of health care 
Natascha Mueller-Hirth Department of Sociology, University of Aberdeen development, NGOs, violence, Africa, South Africa, post-conflict, peace processes, corporate social investment 
Michele Grigolo University of Nottingham Trent  human rights at international and, more recently, city level, in relation to equality and discrimination, religious freedom, migration, and LGBT rights 



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